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June 23, 2019, tags: listlinks

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Title Author Tags
Software Lead Weekly Oren Ellenbogen leadership, engineering management
Know Your Team - leadership
HackerNewsLetter - hackernews


Title Author Tags
Learning By Shipping Steven Sinofsky products, development, management
Rands In Repose Michael Lopp engineering management, management, leadership
The Founder Coach Dave Bailey management, leadership
The Engineering Manager James Stanier engineering management, management, leadership





For Managers

Title Author Tags
Awesome Leadership and Management Joe Goldberg list, engineering management
What is an Engineering Manager Michelle Kung engineering management
The Pillars of Management Cap Watkins management
Managing Engineering Teams Christian McCarrick engineering management
This 90-Day Plan Turns Engineers into Remarkable Managers - engineering management
How to be the Engineering Manager Your Company Needs - engineering management
Advice for First Time Managers Aaron Randall, Amy Phillips management
How to Break the Vicious Cycle of Reactive Management - reactive vs active, management


Title Author Tags
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team - google, team
Hyper-Growth Done Right - Lessons From the Man Who Scaled Engineering at Dropbox and Facebook - dropbox, facebook, team
What I Learned Scaling Engineering Teams Through Euphoria and Horror - scaling, team
Why This Engineering Leader Thinks You Shouldn’t Aim for Zero Regrettable Attrition - greenhouse, team

Career Frameworks

Title Author Tags
Engineering Ladders Linklist - list, career framework - list, career framework
Medium Engineering Career Path - medium, career framework
Software Development/Leadership Ladder, multi-track, public - career framework
Leveling Matrix - career framework
Programmer Competency Matrix - career framework
7 steps to building an engineering competency matrix - circleci, career framework


Title Author Tags
Micro-promotions and mentorship: the big impact of small actions in an engineering culture Hannah Henderson circleci, micro promotions
The Tech Holder: the key to empowering engineers… about the build! Nicolas De Nayer doctolib, tech holder
How to reward skilled coders with something other than people management - rewarding
Dear Graduates, You’re Not “Junior Developers” Joshua McKenty junior developers

Development Process



Title Author Tags
Ryan’s GTD Productivity System Ryan Scheuermann gtd

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